Best Times to Buy Bikes and Get up to 50% Off

Many Americans love Bikes for many different reasons, but it is not every American who can buy bikes just out of the thought of having one. Suppose you are one of these sets of people who would love a discount when purchasing their next bicycle so you can use the money you get off as a discount for something more vital. So it is crucial you know the best time to buy bikes at a discount, and just for you, we have here the best times when you can buy bikes and get up to 50% off.
50 off bikes

A typical American picture of a busy day would undoubtedly show people from all walks of life around on bikes.

From students, Bankers, school children, professions, there is no group of people where you won’t see someone biking for fun or otherwise. Why the love for Bikes?

In buying a bike for the first time or wanting a new one, many reasons exist why it is a good thing and why you will never regret the idea.

These include that biking is beneficial to your health – reduces the risk of heart disease, facilitates your movement from one place to another, is a clean and environmentally sustainable means of transportation, and can be fun with your family and friends while biking.

Therefore, there are many reasons why you should get a bike and maybe even at a discount – yes, that’s right! You can.

If you want to save money and buy at a discount, you can purchase bikes at massive discounts with the following tips of the best times to buy buys.


When are bike prices discounted?


Black Friday

Good deals on many products are seen on black Friday, and bikes are not left out. Many popular Bike stores will sell to you at 20% off and more.

For example, during Black Friday 2020, the Bike online store sold some Bikes from popular brands at 20%-30% discounts.

In online retails websites like Amazon, Bike24, Wiggle, and ProBikeshop, price trackers saw deals on bikes reaching 50% and on bike accessories up to 75%.

Cyber Monday

This is another popular day for discounts, and the online store and bike brands during this time are known to offer good deals with discounts up to 50%.

However, bike accessories generally have the highest discount rates, and you can see them up to 70% on Cyber Mondays.

Mid- Summer

During this period, there are lots of Bike festivities. They Start from Tour de France to others.

Hence, there tend to be numerous activities in the industry at this time of the year, and popular bike brands like Kona, Scott, Cannondale, among others, usually launch new products.

As they do this, they offer huge discounts on the old ones. You can see up to 30% discounts on Bike prices at the time.

However, this is very peculiar with in-stores and bike stores such as Moots, Nashbar, and Jensen USA, when they want to clear their inventory and push in the new bikes to sales.

Federal Holidays

Other best times to get a good deal on bikes and buy at a considerable discount are during Federal holidays such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and labor day.

Price trackers have tracked online stores and departmental stores in the last five years, and it has been noticed they offer discounts of up to 20%.

While these are the top best time to get good deals on bikes, it is essential to know that bikes aren’t over-the-counter products that move fast. You can also get up to 10% during the Christmas holidays.

Good things come to those who wait, so getting bikes up to 50% off will have to be done with lots of waiting and tracking.

So know that you will have to follow these popular online stores, in-stores, and marketplaces including brands during this times mentioned and if fine properly soon you will be able to buy your dream bike at a considerable discount – may be at 50% off.

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