How to Get 50% Off Camping Gear

Most people will like to save money when they buy their camping gear, and so to help you save some cash, we have listed here the best time of the year to purchase them and save up to 50%.
50 off camping gear

Having time with nature is one of the experiences you would want to have with your family or friends. The thoughts of having such outdoor adventures and moments could make you want to buy camping gear right away

However, Camping can happen without Camping gear. Gear simplifies Camping and gets you both survival and adventure-ready.

Would you love to buy your camping gear and a discount and save up to 50% off prices? Yes! You can. Read on for the best times to do so.

When are Camping gears best discounted?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

These days have become global phenomena that happens yearly. Both online retailers and in-stores will be discounting prices, and you can get good deals on a lot of outdoor items such as Camping blankets, knives, water bottles, etc.

For example, in 2020, Amazon offered up to 50% discounts on camping gears, while the best online retailer -Backcountry, offered up to 80% on various items and equipment, including camping apparel.

Amazon Prime day

This special day that Amazon celebrates its anniversary is also a day it offers massive discounts mad price cuts on many camping gears.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can easily get up to 50% discounts on hydration Packs, backpacks, Hiking sandals, Binoculars, among many others.


Another best time to buy camping gear is the Off-season of late December after Christmas, and you can get saving off your camping gear purchases that may reach 30%-40% on some selected items.

Memorial day sales

You can also get awesome price cuts as discounts on camping gear on Memorial day.

On this day, you will see all the major outdoor brands like Hydro Flask, Kelty, Coleman, Keen Footwear slash their prices.

Make sure to check out online retailers like Backcountry, REI, Amazon, and you can find discounts of up to 50% off camping gears.

During Memorial day 2021, Price trackers saw discounts of up to 25% by Hydroflask, keen Footwear 20%, REI 40%, and for your pocket knife and other Camping multi-tools, BladeHQ offered up to 75% off prices.


End of Season

You will get good deals on some selected items during this time, depending on which part of the U.S you’re living. For example, at the end of summer, you can get amazing discounts on summer sleeping bags and hammocks.

Also, at the end of winter, you can get good deals on camping gear such as winter bags, heated gloves, winter boots, etc.

Make sure to check out Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Dick’s sporting goods, and favorite departmental stores for such good deals.


You must know that while you can easily buy your camping gear at such amazing discounts at these best times, it takes diligence.

Occasionally, you can get up to 80% discounts in outlet-type retailers such as Cheap and Steep.

However, you have to do a lot of tracking, even on their social media, and soon you will surely bug your camping gears at these amazing discounts.

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