How to Buy Cell Phones up to 50% Off

Over the past two decades, cell phones have gone from a luxury item to a necessity, and when it comes to buying new phones, the days of only paying $20 for a cheap flip phone are long gone. Smartphones can cost up to $1,500 for the latest models! Here are some ways to get a new cell phone for cheap.
cell phone 50 off

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Cell Phones?

Like many products, November, December, and January are good months to buy a new cell phone.

This is because of all of the holiday sales that happen in this time frame, but also because new electronics are often released in January during the Consumer Electronics Show.

The pre-order period will get you the best deals, with the months leading up to the official release date being your best bet.


If you’re specifically looking to get an iPhone for cheap, though, you’ll want to skip this year’s new model and look at the last one or two models that came out.

These will almost always be discounted right after the new iPhones are announced, which generally happens in the fall. If you’re dead set on that brand-new iPhone, though, you’ll be hard pressed to find a good deal, as they very rarely go on sale.

However, stores like Target have had deals in the past where they offered $200 Target gift cards with the purchase of the latest model iPhone, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on, as well. While it will not get you money directly off of the cell phone, $200 can easily go toward your food or clothing budget!


Outside of new release phones, the best time to find the best deals on cell phones are Black Friday and Amazon’s Prime Day. You’ll find sales and promos that will get you up to 50% off many Android products, and sometimes you’ll even score a good deal on iPhones!

cell phone up to 50 off

How to Get the Best Deals on Cell Phones

When it comes to buying a new cell phone, and especially smartphones, the deals you’ll be able to get really depend on the carrier. For instance, T-mobile often has excellent trade-in deals where you can upgrade your old iPhone or Android for less if you turn in the old one as a down payment on your new phone.

Most carriers will actually do this, and you can even get money back from Apple if you return a phone directly to an Apple Store.

Another way to get a good deal on cell phones is switching your cell phone provider. For example, if you switch from AT&T to Verizon, you could take advantage of a number of promotions, depending on when you’re looking to switch.

You can often find Samsung phones with buy-one-get-one-free promos when you bring your old phone number to Verizon and trade in your old phone.

Finally, you can find cell phones for up to 50% off, and sometimes even more, if you go through Facebook Marketplace or Cragislist.

However, you’ll need to be vigilant against scammers and stolen items. Don’t let that put you off from checking out what’s for sale on those platforms!

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