How to Furnish Your Home For 50% Off

Furniture is a large investment. The amount of money that consumers want to spend on furniture varies, but you would have a hard time finding people that would not enjoy getting a deal and saving money on their new home furnishings. Here are the best times to buy furniture for significant discounts.
furniture 50 off

What you choose to furnish your home with can be a large and stressful decision. Furniture can set the tone for your home. It can make it look cozy, put-together, or fashionable.

The furniture you choose can make you love being in your home, but if you do not make a good decision, it can end up being something you do not like about your home.

Pieces of furniture are often the largest items in your house, so making sure you take your time to pick something you like and that you will appreciate for a long time is crucial.

You do not want to have to move large pieces of furniture in and out of your home multiple times throughout the year.

Furniture is extremely important and helps your house feel like a home, so many people may want to rush in and purchase what they need.

But — if you are wanting to save money and have time to wait and plan ahead, you can get your dream furniture at a massive discount.


When are furniture prices discounted?

Holiday Weekend Sales

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, President’s Day, and Fourth of July are all long weekends and a great time to get a deal on your furniture purchase.

You can get massive discounts both online and in stores during these times.

President’s Day will bring some of the biggest discounts at up to 50% off and Black Friday will also offer great deals on furniture at 20%-30% off.

Way Day

Wayfair has a massive sale on their website each year. This is not only a great time to purchase furniture on the Wayfair website.

Other retailers watch the prices on items during massive sales like Way Day or Amazon Prime Day and will adjust their prices to be able to compete.

Retailers will mark down prices a significant amount because of Wayfair’s discount of up to 80% off.

January / July

A reliable time to get a sale on anything is right before the retailer or brand puts out the new models and styles.

Right before they release the new material, they will lower the prices of last season’s models and styles.

Furniture is released biannually with most brands and retailers. They will release the new styles in both February and August.

So, the perfect time to get a great deal on that couch you want? That would be in either January or July. The months right before the new merchandise is released. The end of summer, towards the end of July, is known for having some of the biggest furniture sales of the year.

These will be high clearance items at up to 50% off.

Planning ahead can be incredibly beneficial when you are making any purchase.If you understand and research what the sale cycle for a certain category of items looks like each year, it can help you buy what you need and want at a discount price.

Purchasing furniture is a large investment. You want to get it right the first time and purchase exactly what you have been picturing in your head, but you also would really love to get a deal on what you want.

If that sounds like you, make sure to remember holiday sales and the merchandise sale cycles. There are plenty of ways for you to make your home as cozy as possible without going over budget.

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