Best Time to Buy Glasses And Get Up to 50% Off

Glasses have here for a long, and they are always on the top of the trend as more people choose to wear them every day as a complement to their outfit. However, most people would have to buy them at a discount. Hence, we have listed out the best time to buy glasses and get up to 50% off in this post.
50 off glasses

When are glasses best discounted?


The off-season

The winter season is the off-season for many types of glasses, especially sunglasses, which are mostly bought during scorching summer times. Discounting at this time is because there will be no demand, and retailers want to entice buyers.

However, while this is the best time to buy them, it’s also the best time to wear time because glasses protect you against photokeratitis, dry eyes and excessive tearing. In addition, during this period, you can get discounts of up to 60% on different glasses brand and frames.

For example, during the winter sales in February 2021, Glasses USA offered discounts up to 60%, and Glasses Direct also offers discounts on frames, designer shades and sunglasses. You should also check other in-stores and online retailers like Zanni Optical, Eyebuydirect, etc.

Black Friday

This is another best time to stock up on your favourite glass brand and frames. On the few days before and after Black Friday, you’ll still see amazing offers on reading glasses, fashionable glasses and sunshades.

For example, during Black Friday 2020, Eyebuydirect offered a buy one, get one that could earn a 50% savings on selected glasses. In addition, GlassesUSA gave discounts up to 30% off Oakley and Ray-ban frames, while you can even get more price cuts of about 65% with their promo codes.

Ensure to check out Stores like Zenni, Quay and EyeBuyDirect for the best offers and price cuts on popular brands like Anthropologie, Kohl’s, Ulta, etc.

Back-to-school sales

Another best time for the best offers and discounts on glasses is during the back-to-school sales, especially for blue-light glasses and prescription glasses for students and teachers.

You can get good deals with discounts of up to 50% off on various glasses and prescribed frames.

Many departmental stores also use this opportunity to offer discounts on different designer brands. Check out GlassesUSA, Target Optical, Eyebuydirect during these times.


While you may love to wear your glasses at any time, glasses from popular brands can be pricey. However, you can buy them at half their prices during these best time mentioned here.

You can also get petty discounts during federal holidays on some of the best frames by popular brands.

To get the best of the good deals, make sure that you track your favourite stores, online retailer, brands to get coupons or promo codes, and w bet you in no distant time you’ll have that glass you want at a huge discount.

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