How to Buy Jewelry and Get Up to 50% Off

If you want to afford and buy yourself a branded and designed piece of jewelry at a significant discount, here are the best times to buy jewelry and get a discount up to 50% off and more.
50 off Jewelry

Jewelry high values come with high prices, but we continue to love them, and we bet you do it. However, as they are pricey, anyone would be happy to buy them at a discount and save money.

Hence, in this post, we have listed the best time to buy your Jewelry and get up to a 50% discount.

Ultimately, Jewelry is used to show an expression of love and to capture moments.

They is one of the greatest memoirs you can gift someone, and they are a great way to show that you love someone.

For these reasons, if you would what to buy Jewelry for yourself or a loved one, check out these best times.

When are Jewelries best discounted?



During this time, jewelry stores and retailers are making lower sales due to low demand as not many people will be shopping after the Valentine frenzy.

You’ll see some discounts on selected Jewelry by in-stores and online sellers as they try to encourage buyers to take up interest and buy.

Ensure to check out Sales, Fossil, Helzberg, and other retailers during this time, and you can grab up to 35% discounts.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While you can get amazing deals on precious stones and handmade craft jewelry on art marketplaces like Etsy during these phenomenal big deals days, you can also get up to 40 -50% discounts on gold and silver jewelry.

On other types of Jewelry, you can get good deals that will earn you up to 80% savings on your jewelry purchases.

For example, during black Friday 2020, top brand Jewelries from Swarovski, Pandora, etc., was seen with up to 92% and 61% discounts on Walmart and Amazon.

In the same way, Kay, Pandora, and the popular diamond jewelry stores, Zales, offered up to 69%, 35%, and 50% off on their websites.

At Overstock, you could have made up to 30% savings while buying gold, diamond, and gemstones Jewelry.

get 50 off Jewelry


July and August

As the higher population is focused on wrapping up the summertime and are getting ready for school and work, Jewelry retailers like to entice them with discounts and price cuts by offering discounts that can earn you savings ranging between 15%-40%.

Ensure to check out Dillard, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.



While these are the top best times to buy Jewelry, make sure to track stores like Dillard, J.C, Penny, Macy’s, and maybe you can hop in when they make their clearance sales.

Such clearance sales can earn you up to 75% off the initial price of the Jewelry.

However, you have to keep track, mark your calendar, avoid gift-giving seasons and look out for these best times to grab the most discounted deals on Jewelry.

In any case, make sure that you check online retailers as Price trackers have noticed that they offer the best deals on Jewelry.


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