How to Get 50% Off Pet Supplies

We all love our pets, but their pet supplies do tend to get a little expensive. If you’re looking for how to get up to 50% off pet supplies and make the most of your money, read on.
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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Pet Supplies?


Overall, the best time of year to buy pet supplies is January, but December through February in general is a good bet if you’re looking to get up to 50% off of pet supplies.

This is likely due to holiday sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day that round out the end of the year.

In order to keep customers coming into stores even when the more flashy, popular sales aren’t happening, pet supply stores often lower their prices in January. This also helps to clear out merchandise for the upcoming spring season.

Like most things, you’ll find the best sales on pet supplies during holidays. Of course, there are the typical end-of-year holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as mentioned above, but don’t sleep on those three-day-weekend summer sales! The best deals you’ll find on pet supplies in the summer are going to be during the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.

Not only are these holiday sales, but they also act as end-of-season sales, as well. You’ll see lots of discounted spring and summer merchandise during these two, respectively. So if you’re looking for 50% off your dog’s wardrobe, you definitely want to check these sales out.

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How to Get the Best Deals at Pet Supply Stores


Chewy is the most popular online store for pet supplies. While they do have frequent sales on their products, which happen once a month or so, the best way to get the best deals on pet products through Chewy is with their autoship feature.

Granted, you won’t get 50% off this way, but if you need to buy, for example, a certain type of pricy cat food every month, the five to 10% discount you can get with a subscription is well worth it.

Also be on the lookout for daily deals that change every 24 hours.

PetSmart almost always has deals going on, and the best way to find the biggest discounts is by joining their rewards program and downloading their app. They’ll also price match with Petco if there’s a good sale going on, as well.

If you’re looking to find up to 50% off of things like cat litter and dog food, PetSmart’s sales and in-app promos are definitely the best bet.

Amazon, of course, also has pet supplies, including many of the brands and items you’ll find on Chewy or at PetSmart and Petco. The best times to buy anything on Amazon are on Cyber Monday and Prime Day.

However, you can frequently find excellent deals on pet supplies through daily deals and lightning deals. Of all of the online pet supply stores, you will likely have the best chance at finding your products up to 50% off on Amazon.

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