How to Get 50% Off Sunglasses

Despite what many consumers may think, sunglasses are not just a fashion statement. Everyone knows that skin can be harmed by the sun and therefore sunscreen is an extremely important part of taking care of yourself. A high UV protection level may sound like it will be out of your price range, but that is not necessarily true. A lot of the price comes from what brand or style the glasses are and you can get quality protective sunglasses in every price range even at 50% off.
50 Off Sunglasses

The sun can cause severe damage to your eyes over time if they are not given protection like your skin gets with sunscreen.

Your sunglasses may look super hip, but if you get the correct type, you can protect your eyes as well. Sunglasses can feel like getting two for the price of one.

You buy one pair of sunglasses to add a cool accessory to your outfit and give your eyes the protection that they need.

When you begin to look for your ideal pair of sunglasses make sure they meet certain standards. Otherwise, you are just paying for a cool accessory and do not get the protection they can also provide.

Make sure the pair you are looking at has at least UV 400 protection. This level protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

how to get 50 off sunglasses
Here are the best times of the year to buy Sunglasses 

If you have your eye on a pair and initially they are out of your price range, you may be wondering when is the best time to buy them?

If you can hold off for a while and use another pair in the meantime, you could wait until the sales hit and get a great deal on your glasses.


The middle of summer seems like the perfect time to purchase glasses, right? If you are looking for brand new models or styles and do not care about price, then sure, July would be a great time for you to purchase a pair.


If you are willing to wait for the best deals to get the pair you have been saving for, winter would be the best time.

This may be surprising since most consumers do not associate winter with sunglasses, but that is why the sales happen during the wintertime.

The models have been out for a few months and brands will want to move in new styles for the spring and summer.

Buying sunglasses in December, January, or February could score you a deal of up to 50% off. Some brands, like Oakley, will even offer a deal of buy one get one 75% off during the colder months.

Additionally — you may not realize this because winter does not seem like a sunny time of the year, but sunglasses are just as necessary during the winter.

Those UVA and UVB rays are still around. Snow can actually reflect the sun and expose your eyes to more rays than grass in the summer would.

So, purchasing a new pair during the winter will not only get you a great deal, but it will also give you a brand new pair of glasses to use with those sneaky winter rays you may not even notice during the chilly winter months.

So, when the time comes, put on your coat and go get a great deal on a pair with 100% UV protection at 50% off discount.

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