Times Of The Year to Get Your Next TV up to 50% Off

Purchasing a new TV can be incredibly overwhelming for the majority of the population. If you know that you are going to require a new TV sometime this year, being aware of the best times to purchase one may take some of the stress of all of those decisions off your shoulders. That way, buying a TV can feel exciting for you instead of a stressful chore.
50 off tv

There are so many choices, brands, sizes, and features to choose from. When you narrow down the choices to the size and features that are important to you, you still have to choose between brands and prices.

Sometimes, TVs only vary by a couple of small features, so deciding which features are most important to you can be stressful.

All of those choices are impounded by the fact that many TVs are not cheap. The expense of TVs is what causes consumers to want to take their time and decide.


Here are the best times of the year to purchase a TV


Super Bowl

What is the center of attention in a house during the super bowl? A TV, of course! The TV is front and center at parties and retailers know this. They know you want the best experience for the most important game of the year.

That is why, starting in January, you will find great deals on that TV that you need.

Many of these deals will last right up until the Super Bowl, so you can have time to choose.

The deals around the Super Bowl can range from 20%-40% depending on the retailer.

Also, many TV models have been out for almost a year and new models are coming in, so there is normally a price decrease around this time anyways. The Super Bowl just adds extra discounts onto those already lower prices.



January and February will see some discounted TVs because of the Super Bowl Sales, but the sales will not necessarily stop after the Super Bowl is over.

Part of the reason that sales are happening for the Super Bowl is because the current models on the floor have been out for almost a year and new models will be heading out on to the floors in early Spring.

You should be able to find great deals on older model TVs during March and April after the Super Bowl.

These deals are typically similar to Super Bowl deals at 20%-40% off, but if a retailer needs to get rid of merchandise, they can be similar to Black Friday sales at 50% off.

Cyber Monday

This is the sale time most people remember and there is a good reason for that. Black Friday is known for its massive discounts and deals.  It is also easy to remember because it happens on the same specific days each year after Thanksgiving.

TVs and other big electronics are usually the door-busters on Black Friday. They are the items consumers are waiting outside in the cold for because the discounts can sometimes even go above 50% off.

You can even wait until Cyber Monday to purchase a TV and get a great deal.

Many companies reveal what the discounts will be prior to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It is smart to check those updates to see which of the two days will have a better discount on the item you are interested in.

When it is time for you to purchase a new TV, it is always a good idea to remember the big sales and discount days that happen throughout the year, so you can plan ahead. It can also be lucrative to watch the sales cycle.

Find out when companies and stores usually release new models and purchase the discounted, older models when they do.

Buying a new TV can be stressful and overwhelming. Stay aware of when items go on sale so you can decrease the amount of money you spend.

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