How to Get 50% Off Video Games

Gaming can be considered one of the basic parts of American life. It is seen as fun, competitive and is part of the everyday life of more than 40% of Americans who considered themselves gamers.
50 off video games

If you are one, you would certainly want to know when to get good deals for your video games.

Hence, you may have asked these questions: ‘ are there best times to buy video games and get up to 50% off?’ Do such deals exist?

There is a host of reasons you should get a video game, and maybe even at a discount. Yes, you can.

If you really want to save money and you can wait, know that you can get some good deals at different times of the month. In this post, we list out the best time to buy videos and get good deals.


When are Video games best discounted?


Black Friday

The phenomenal black Friday sales have always been met with good deals and huge discounts on video games every year.

Price trackers had in the past years noticed up to 50%-80% reduction in the prices of videos and gaming accessories by Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and even in stores.

During Black Friday 2020, for example,  GameStop offered 50% off on several video games, and online stores weren’t left behind.


Cyber Monday

Just like on Black Friday, you can get good deals on Cyber Monday with the fantastic discounts offered by several market places and stores.

Discounts have been witnessed to reach 75% on some video games and between 40% -50% off for several.

In the past, Best buy has offered video game discounts of up to 60%, while you can get up to 70% discounts from Steam on Cyber Mondays.

Amazon Prime day

While you can get good deals on other special days like president’s day, memorial day, labor day, and the fourth of July, another day when Video games are highly discounted is on Amazon Prime day.

There is always a significant high drop in the prices of video games on Amazon and other marketplaces as they dive in to compete. You can get up to 50% – 60% discounts on video games and it’s accessories.

January and February Sales

Other awesome days to get amazing high discounts on videos is during the January sales and February.

You should also watch out for when manufacturers release as this is always followed by a fall in the prices of older video games and will be offered to you at great discounts in the form of a kind of clearance sale.

Buying at 50% off or more has to do with a lot of patience and planning.

Good deals don’t come easy, and good deals for video games show when you look out and plan for them.

One of the simpler ways to be in the know when best these huge discounts are offered is to track these e-commerce marketplaces and in-store through social media. You can also follow up on some price trackers platforms.

Most importantly, you should keep going track of the times mentioned above, and we bet in no time, you would soon be getting your video game at a great discount.

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