Best Time Of The Year to Buy Anything

Sales happen in thousands of stores or websites throughout the year and most consumers know about one or two big sales - but the truth is, there are fantastic ways to save money throughout the entirety of the year. Many people just do not know about them or find out too late. Sometimes, you are going to need to plan ahead to get the discounts!
the best time to shop

Most consumers want to save money. That is not always how it works out, unfortunately. Sometimes, you need or want something within a specific timeframe and there is currently no way to save money on it.

Now, all you need is a guide to help you keep track and add those dates to your calendars.



New Year’s Day/Weekend – Most big holidays are a great time to shop. New Year’s is no different. Check all of your favorite stores and online retailers for a New Year, New Me celebration sale.

Martin Luther King Day/Weekend – One of the few long weekend holidays in the U.S, MLK day is a great time to check many of your favorite retailers for deals and discounts.

Since it is right after Christmas, January is a great time to purchase Christmas decorations and other Christmas-themed items for the following year.

At this point, winter clothing has been on the racks for a couple of months. You can expect that winter clothing will begin to move toward the sales rack during this month, so it is a great time to buy it for the rest of this winter or buy it and put it away for next winter.


President’s Day- This long weekend is another great time to score a deal on something you need, particularly if you are looking at mattresses or home appliances.

February can be a great time to purchase leftover Valentine’s Day candy, jewelry, and decorations. Even though the candy might be heart-shaped, it will still taste great over the following weeks! You might also still be able to find and shop some great deals on leftover winter clothing.


St. Patrick’s Day- Get your St. Patrick’s themed holiday garb for next year, this year. The day or week after a holiday is a great time to purchase non-expiring items for the following year.



After Easter Sales- Grab your Easter baskets and plastic eggs for next year. You won’t be able to beat the price and they will be fine in your closet until then. After Easter is also a great time to purchase spring clothing that may be moving to the sale racks.

Way Day Sale- The furniture giant, , has a super sale in April every year.


Mother’s Day- Look for sales on typical Mother’s Day gifts during the few weeks before the holiday. It’s a great time for a deal on perfume or jewelry even if you are not a mother!

Memorial Day- This is another long weekend, so be sure to check your favorite retailers for sales!

Continue looking for sales on spring clothing throughout this month. Stores will be moving the summer clothes in soon.



Father’s Day- Just like Mother’s Day, get your father-appropriate gifts in the few weeks before the holiday. You do not have to be a father to deserve a great deal on a grill!


Fourth of July- The Fourth of July is yet another long weekend in the United States. The whole weekend will be full of great deals and sales at many national retailers.

Amazon Prime Day- This giant sale on usually falls in mid-July.


Back to School Sales- Back to school sales aren’t limited to children’s clothing and school gear. You can find a deal on all sorts of items in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year.

Tax-free Weekends- U.S. states offer tax-free weekends before the start of the school year.



Labor Day- This long weekend will offer sales on leftover summer items that you can save for next year. You can also find deals on home appliances.


Halloween- Be sure to get a great deal the day after Halloween for next year’s holiday gear! The candy will be great for the next few weeks even if it is shaped like a pumpkin!


Black Friday – Usually the biggest sale of the year. Most consumers know about this one, but keep it on your calendars!

Small Business Saturday – Support local and small businesses, while also getting a great deal on their merchandise!

Cyber Monday- This is one of the other big sales of the year. Open your laptops bright and early to snag the best of the best!


Super Saturday – The Saturday before Christmas is a great time to snag last-minute gifts at a discount!

After Christmas sales- Many retailers have plenty of merchandise to let go of, so even though your stockings are full, sales after Christmas are some of the best of the year.

Be sure to keep this list on your radar to snag the best deals throughout the year and to secure the best bang for your buck!

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