Best Time to Buy Discounted Laptop

The best time of the year to purchase a laptop varies and can often be determined by how desperately you need a new one. Laptops are expensive pieces of technology, so most people want to purchase one at a time or at a store where they can get the best deal possible.
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If you have the time and resources to think about purchasing a new laptop long before you need one, here are the best times to get a deal up to 30% off.

When are laptops best discounted?

New Release Cycle

Laptop companies release new models of laptops at different times of the year. If there is a particular brand of laptop you are interested in, check online to see when they usually

release their new models. Typically, when the new laptops come in, the old ones will be going out with a discount.

These discounts will often be somewhere between 15%-20% off.

Those discounts can be just as competitive as the new features offered on a new model to perusing buyers.


Holidays Sales

Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year for most product types and brands. Electronics are usually the door-busters for Black Friday sales and often have people waiting outside in the cold to ensure a purchase.

Most Black Friday laptop discounts will be somewhere between 20%-30% off.

This can equal a discount of at least one or two hundred dollars depending on the price of the laptop originally.

Other long weekends, like Memorial Day, can lead to 10%-20% discount off of laptops and computers.

Many retailers will try to compete with each other and change their discounts at the last minute to stay comparable. This friendly competition between companies can lead to great sales for consumers!

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Back To School

As school technology and curriculum advances, so does the need for students to have access to some type of technology at home.

Because of this many retailers will offer a back-to-school sale running from late summer to early September.

Many retailers will offer 10%-20% off of their laptop and computer collection to help fulfill the need for at-home technology.


Apple does not typically offer very many sales of their own, but they have a year-round student and teacher discount on their computers.

When the school year comes around, they will offer a pair of headphones or AirPods to students and teachers who purchase a new computer from them before the beginning of the school year.

If you want a discounted Apple computer, it is best to check other retailers that sell Apple products during the holiday and back-to-school sales for a discount.


Sometimes, consumers do not have the luxury of waiting for a good deal to purchase a new laptop.

Many people have jobs or responsibilities that require access to a computer every day.

Waiting six months for the Black Friday sale is not an ideal situation for that person. If you or someone you know has the luxury of time to purchase a laptop at a deal, remember these three key times of the year to get up to 30% off!

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