Best Time to Buy Discounted Shoes

No matter what type of shoes that you enjoy wearing, there is always a way to find what you want on sale. It may not be on sale at the opportune time of year to wear it, but most shoes and shoe types go on sale at some point during the year. The trick is finding out when those sales times happen. They may not happen when you would expect.
discounted shoes

The times of the year that boots, sandals, and sneakers go on sale vary. Sometimes they will be on sale during the season that you wear them and other times they won’t be.

You’ll purchase them and have to put them away for a few months until that season arrives again.

If you can gauge what types of new shoes you will need over the next year, you can look at this guide and plan ahead for your purchase!



There are several times over the course of a year that you could find sneakers and athletic shoes on sale.

At the start of the year, in January, many consumers have made plans and promises to be healthier, more active versions of themselves. Many people look for athletic shoes around this time to help with their new exercise regimen.

You could likely find a great deal on running shoes through January and receive 20%-30% off of your new healthy lifestyle footwear.

Retailers will also put a similar 15%-20% markdown on sneakers during April and May. Consumers are wanting to spend more time outside as it warms up and outdoor shoe prices and sales will reflect that.


As boots move into stores in October and November, expect 20-30% off of sneakers during that time as well. They will need to move sneakers and summer shoes off the shelves for winter ones.

Black Friday will also occur around this time in November and you can snag a BOGO 50% off sale or 50% off of your shoe purchase entirely.


Boots will come into stores during the fall. Then, they will eventually move out of stores in late winter, so February is a great time to purchase boots for the next year.

When these types of sales occur, you can expect 20-30% off.

If a brand is desperate to get rid of merchandise, their sales can even go up to 50-75% off.

Boots are coming into stores around the time that Black Friday and Cyber Monday occur, so the models and styles will be brand new.

Despite this, you can find great 50% off deals on boots during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



Stores begin putting out sandals for the spring and summer earlier than you think. Many stores will have them on the floor as early as January and February.

So, by the end of March, those sandals have been out for a few months and they will want to move new styles in.

The sandals that were released early will typically have a markdown of 20-30% off during the early spring.


Depending on what type of shoe you are after, the best time of year to purchase it will vary.

If you know you are going to need new sandals for this summer, purchase them in late winter. If you know you are going to need boots for the winter, purchase them in the late winter or early spring and pack them away for next year.

 It may seem strange walking out of a store with furry snow boots in March or April, but your feet (and your wallet) will thank you next winter!

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